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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick makes every TV with an HDMI connection smarter. With the device, you get access to numerous media libraries. But the stick can do even more: What exactly and how to use it, you will learn here! The Fire TV Stick is a streaming stick from Amazon. It has the shape of a larger USB stick and is connected to the TV via HDMI. If the stick does not fit directly into a port for space reasons, the extension from the scope of delivery will help.

A power supply is still needed to turn on the streaming stick. To do so, simply plug the included USB cable into the adapter and connect it to a power source. We recommend using the power adapter, but theoretically you can also use a USB port directly on the TV. That’s it, the Amazon Fire TV Stick can now be put into operation.

These are the special features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Before buying, you naturally ask yourself what the Amazon Fire TV Stick actually is and what its special features are. Quite simply, the adapter makes just about every TV with an HDMI connection Internet-compatible. Not only does it have Wi-Fi built in, but it also has its own user interface. You can use it to start the preinstalled apps and get new ones from Amazon’s store.

In this sense, the question about the target group can be answered right away: The Amazon Fire TV Stick is suitable for everyone who does not have an Internet-capable TV and has discovered streaming for themselves.

What services does the Fire TV Stick offer?

The selection of apps is extremely extensive, so the media libraries of ARD and ZDF can be installed, for example. Netflix and YouTube are almost a matter of course, but names like Maxdome, Zattoo and TV Spielfilm LIVE are also not missing from the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This means that you can also stream the “normal TV program” without problems and do not have to rely on a receiver anymore. However, you might have to accept a limitation, but more about that below.

Games like Crossy Road and Sonic The Hedgehog can also be played via the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The included remote serves as a controller. Amazon also offers a separate controller as an option.

Combining Alexa with the Fire TV Stick

As already mentioned, a remote control is included to control the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you take a closer look, you will find a talk button in the form of a microphone icon. This is nothing else than the voice assistant Alexa, which enables voice control. If you already have an Alexa-enabled device at home (Amazon Echo, for example), you can also control the Amazon Fire TV Stick via it. In this case, no remote control is necessary. All you have to do is open the Alexa app and add the Fire TV device.

Possible limitations of the Fire TV Stick

If you want to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick abroad, not all services will automatically work. In Austria, for example, neither Zattoo nor TV Spielfilm LIVE can be downloaded to stream the TV program. Apps like Netflix or YouTube, on the other hand, work without any problems.

There are also restrictions with the Amazon Fire TV Stick when there is no Prime subscription. Then, for example, movies and series that would normally be free in the Prime package are charged. However, you can basically use the adapter without a Prime subscription, but less extensively.

An Amazon account is mandatory

While Prime is optional, an Amazon account is mandatory. You are already asked for it when setting up the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but you can also create an account at any time. The whole thing is free, only the step with the payment method cannot be skipped. However, many will already have an account with Amazon anyway, so this requirement is not a problem.