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Alexa not discovering Hue

Amazon Echo Alexa Not Discovering Hue – How to Fix it?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker device that has been manufactured by Amazon. Amazon Echo works with the help of an Amazon virtual assistant called Alexa. With these amazing services on offer, Amazon Echo has gained millions of users. This device has eased our life for a lot of people. Now you can access information that is available on the internet by just asking for it. In the age where people don’t find time to do minor functions like reading the news, knowing the match results of last night’s game etc. All this can now be done without needing to put in many efforts. This device reads out all the information that you would want to know, cutting down on your time and efforts to manually find the needed information.

Amazon Echo along with Alexa is getting better and better with time. Amazon keeps its product abreast with the changing trends by providing constant updates and feature improvements. Another most ideal feature that this product brings to their use is that you can connect it to any smart home device and use Amazon Echo’s voice command to control those smart home devices. It is like having devices at your home which can run as per the command you give. If you wish to know more about this device and want to garner more knowledge about its functions, you can get connected with the Amazon Echo Alexa Support team. They are professionals at your dispense to assist you with all your queries. One of the issues that the Amazon Echo users come across is the issue of Echo Alexa not discovering Philips Hue. Philips HUE is a smart lighting device which can be connected with your Amazon Echo.

If your Alexa isn’t able to discover Phillips Hue or other smart home devices, then here are some solutions you must try:

The first thing that can be done is to check for the Device and Setup issue:

  • Initially make sure that your Philips Hue is compatible with Alexa. To know this you can go to the detail page and check in the list of compatible devices.
  • If the device is enlisted, then you are ready to move ahead but if not you would need to download the manufacturer’s companion app for your smart device and complete the setup process.
  • After the above step, reboot your Alexa Device as well as your Philips Hue.
  • Further, disable and re-enable the skills for Philips Hue in your Alexa App.
  • Then disable and re-enable the Philips Hue in your Alexa App.
  • Check whether any software update is available and install them.

The other option to resolve your issue is to check the Wi-Fi network:

  • Ensure that both your Alexa Device as well as your Philips Hue is connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • If it isn’t, make sure they are connected to the same and check the following steps
  • Choose the ‘Device’ icon
  • Then, select your device
  • Opt for the option of ‘Change’ next to the Wi-Fi
  • Further, you can follow the instructions that are being given in the screen for updating your Wi-Fi.

However, if your problem is still not solved you can promptly get connected with the Echo Device Support team and avail their guidance to solve your problem.

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