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Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error

Amazon Echo Registration Failure – How to Fix it?

Whenever you execute the process of setting up any echo device or downloading and running the Amazon Alexa and its procedure to set up, you can get an error message such as ‘Amazon Echo registration failure’ and can also be coded as Alexa error 10:2:12:3:1. There can be different reasons to encounter this error and they surely need to be taken care of. If these complications are resolved, it would become a really less possibility of these types of failures occurring in the near future. You need to have a look at them, so you can take care of it in the future. The steps to troubleshoot this snag is provided in this blog. You must read it till the very end and then execute it accordingly. If required you can get in touch with the technical experts at Amazon Echo customer support to resolve the error.

You must avoid making these errors to avoid registration failure:

  • The Amazon Echo Device is not running on the updated App.
  • Login information failures or mismatch.
  • The device was placed at a distance of fewer than eight inches from the wall or window or was too close to any other electronic gadget.
  • The Firewall settings and other proxy settings were not disabled.
  • The Alexa app was connected to any other network.

Steps to Fix Amazon Echo Registration Failure Error

Before you start with the procedure, make sure that you are registered properly by providing the correct login details. After that you can start with the process:

  • Take a paper clip if required and hold the reset button for around 5 seconds or more.
  • After that, the light will first turn off and will turn blue.
  • Once you see that the device ring has turned orange, it means that it has entered the setup mode
  • Register the Amazon echo device with the Alexa app again.
  • Check the wireless connection, and if required restart it.
  • Once done plug back the power adaptor to the Amazon Echo device after removing it.
  • Download and install any firmware updates for the Amazon Alexa if required.

These are the basic troubleshooting steps and considerations that you need to take care of to resolve this snag and to avoid it in the near future. It becomes really important to make sure that you keep the intricate details in the mind. If the problem-solving steps do not work due to any reason then you can dial the Echo dot support number which remains accessible 24 hours around the clock irrespective of the location. The techies are trained in a way to find the root cause of the issue and eradicate it.

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