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How does Amazon Echo Works

How does Amazon Echo Works?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker device, which works with a virtual assistant name Alexa. Amazon Echo with Alexa makes a superb combination. It makes your daily life easy. You can schedule your whole day, it tells you sports score and news, you can listen to music, it works with the smart home appliances and …

Alexa not Responding Amazon Echo

How to Fix Alexa not Responding to Amazon Echo?

Alexa and Echo both are the product of Amazon, where Alexa is a virtual assistant and Echo is a smart speaker device. Both Alexa and Echo are essential if you want to use any one them. But when these two are together they work very efficiently and perform some specific commands given by the user. …

Amazon Echo Alexa Wi-Fi Setup

How to Fix Amazon Echo Alexa Wi-Fi Setup Problem?

Echo Alexa is a smart cloud-based virtual assistant that has impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide. Its intelligence and its ability to understand human command have made it a probable winner when it comes to science and technology. It is activated by simply saying or calling out the wake word i.e. Alexa or …

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