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Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection

How to Fix Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that functions using voice commands. It basically works hands-free and can play videos or music, update you on the new, set a reminder or alarms, and even make phone calls for you. The speaker itself is exceptionally powerful and can deliver absolutely crisp audio that can fill the whole room. You just have to say the word and that’s that, the smart cloud-based technology will take care of the rest. Ask for calls, ask for music, whatever you want ‘Alexa’ will get right down to it. And the best part it is, this smart speaker is always getting smarter. Amazon is constantly developing its technology so that the Amazon Echo speakers has new features and can perform better skills. You can always call the Amazon Echo support number and give your feedback or follow up on a query. Because even though it is a smart speaker, customers do face some issues while using Amazon Echo.

Steps to Fix Echo Alexa Keeps Losing Connectivity Error

Amazon Echo connects to a cloud-based service and hence needs to have a good network connection in order to work efficiently. It can be frustrating if the connection keeps getting cut and the speaker does not function the way it should. Here are some steps you can follow to try and maintain the connection:

Check the internet connection
Before we check the settings on the Amazon Echo speaker just make sure there is no problem with your Wi-Fi connection. Try and connect other devices like your smartphone or some other audio device to the Wi-Fi. If you are unable to do this then the problem is with your network connection and you may need to contact your service provider.

Restart your devices
It sometimes happens that the easiest solution is often the most effective. In this case, it is the restart option. Just turn your Echo off for some time. You can also switch off the Wi-Fi and restart your entire system. After you turn on the Wi-Fi, go ahead and turn on your Echo speaker so that it is the first device to connect to the Wi-Fi. Once the speaker is on try giving it a voice command to make sure it is connected.

These are some of the very basic steps that you can try. But if your Amazon Echo speaker keeps getting disconnected you may have to contact a technician to help you sort out the problem. You can speak to the trained expert by reaching out to the Amazon echo customer service that is available 24 hours a day.

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