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Control your TV with Alexa

How to Use Alexa to Control Your TV?

Alexa can do so much more than just play music and book tables at restaurants. Through Alexa, you can control your TV as well. But you should know that it does not work on all kinds of TV, there are certain specifications that you should oversee. Like for example, you can use Alexa to control Fire TV and its devices and you can also use Alexa to control certain TV models from LG, Sony TVs that were manufactured during 2016-2018 and Vizio TVs that were manufactured during 2017-2018, it is compatible with Roku TV and DirecTV so check your TV models carefully before trying to use Alexa to control it. This blog will give you a detailed understanding of how you can set up Alexa to control your TV so stick around to find out how. You can also choose to talk to the representatives at Amazon echo customer service to get the same information but from a more reliable source.

How to use Alexa to control Amazon Fire TV

To use Alexa to control your Fire TV and its devices, you need to do some basic setups first. And given below are instructions that will show you how to do it.

  • On your phone, open the Alexa app and go to ‘Menu’. Under this, you must choose ‘music, videos, and books’.
  • Locate Fire TV and tap on it and make any additional setups if required and tap on ‘Link services’.

After you have successfully linked the two devices you can use the Echo to control Fire TV.

How to use Alexa to control LG TVs

    Before you proceed make sure that your LG TV has a webOS 4.0 TV operating system or higher.

  • Firstly, on the home screen of your LG TV, launch the set up for Amazon Alexa app.
  • Second of all, you need to log in to your LG account to select the name of the TV.
  • Thirdly, navigate to the mobile set up guide page and open the Alexa app to enable the ‘LG SmartThinQ Alexa skill’ and link the accounts.
  • The final step is to finish up any necessary setups and start using Alexa to control your LG TV.

How to use Alexa to control Sony TVs

  • Just like the LG TV, you need to go to the home screen of your TV to open the ‘TV control setup with Amazon Alexa app’.
  • Select the Google account. You need to create one if you don’t have a Gmail account and name your TV.
  • Make any changes by following the instructions and turn on the Sony TV Alexa app on your phone and link the TV to your Echo device.

This is how you can control TVs with the Alexa app. If you run into any technical error or mishap, you can contact Echo Alexa support to gain access to services from certified experts.

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