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Amazon Echo Alexa Customer Service


Amazon Echo Alexa is the hottest trending smart speaker in the technological market. With its cloud-based electronic system that is based wholly on voice activation and voice search. Apart from its regular chore of playing music, Echo Alexa is capable of doing more tasks like weather forecasting, scheduling work and meetings, making voice and video calls, booking an uber etc.

The Echo Alexa gets smarter as days go by and eventually it feels like you have your own ‘non-virtual’ assistant. The features are so incredible that it sounds like it’s made up.

Echo Alexa Features

  • With the system of the flash briefing, you can ask Alexa to play news and content from popular broadcasters.
  • Echo Alexa has the capability to control your TV, your dishwasher, fan, lighting etc.
  • You can ask Alexa to search for hotels and restaurants and book room and food for you.
  • You can turn on Alexa Guard before leaving your house. This features will allow Alexa to send the owner an alert message if she hears the sound of glass breaking or smoke detectors going off
  • With the new email integration feature, you can link your emails to Alexa and ask her to read it out to you and send replies.

Issues with Echo Alexa are notified through the change in its color sequence and each color signifies a problem. For e.g. Red means to switch on speaker. Violet means Wi-Fi problems etc.

echo alexa support

Echo Alexa Issues

  • Receiving unwanted calls: ‘Alexa calling’ is a feature of the Echo Since Alexa can’t manage who can call you using Alexa, anyone with their number linked to Alexa calling will be able to contact you.
  • Trouble playing music on the proper speaker: Make sure you have your echo devices properly named or else playing music on other devices becomes a nuisance.
  • Notifications and alarm sounds tend to be very loud: These sounds are controlled separately in the Alexa App so make sure you set them according to the level you want in the app.
  • Alexa making weird noises: Many Echo users have complained about Alexa laughing creepily when the room is silent and even when the user does not order her to do so.
  • Mic problems with Echo Alexa: sometimes Alexa becomes hard in hearing and this is because of problems with the mic. You can fix this by resetting or rebooting your device.

The procedure or steps to set up Echo Alexa aren’t that difficult for those who have basic knowledge about technology and its parts. However, for inexperienced people, this could be the hardest part of owing Echo Alexa.

How to Setup Echo Alexa

  • Download the Alexa App. You can download this for free from your app store on your phone or by going to their website.
  • Use your Amazon account to sign in and go to setting. Click the set up a new device option. Choose your device and language.
  • Plug in your Echo into an outlet. The ring light will go from blue to orange. Once it gets orange it will greet you.
  • Now choose your Wi-Fi network from the list in the app.
  • Now all you have to do is choose you ‘wake word’ and you are ready to use Alexa.
24×7 Support

You don’t need to waste your valuable time by waiting for a solution now because you can connect to the skilled techies round the clock. Feel free to contact to Echo Alexa customer care experts 24×7.

Advanced Security Setup

Often people think twice before connecting to the customer care for troubleshooting their flaws because of security purpose. But now stop worrying because experts have advanced security set up for resolving your Echo Alexa snags.

Enhanced Performance

In order to get the enhanced performance of Echo Alexa, you can connect to the executives of Echo Alexa anytime. Where the certified team of experts will improve the performance of your Amazon Echo & Alexa via appropriate way.

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