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Amazon Echo Dot

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Echo dot is a small connected home speaker product of Amazon which works with Amazon Alexa app. Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon developers. Which ease your day with its fabulous features.

Echo dot has become better and better with time. The latest version of Echo dot is 3rd generation.

How does Alexa Work?

When you ask or give a command to Alexa, you don’t have to tell her twice. Alexa is always listening and active. The Echo dot stream your voice to the cloud only when you ask it to do something. The default word is Alexa and you can change it to Echo, Amazon or computer.

Amazon Echo Dot Benefits

Features of Amazon Echo dot has made it a big success and it becomes very famous all over the world. Some of the benefits you get with Amazon Echo Dot when you use it with Alexa:

1. Make phone calls

This calling feature allows anyone to call you if he/she has your phone number. You can answer the call without touching your phone.

Basically, this feature works like a landline phone. You can call on the other Alexa devices in other houses and if they don’t answer you can leave a message.

Some users don’t like this features because there is no way to block, remove or silent individual calls. If you are one of those then call on the customer support number and tell them to close this feature.

2. Control your smart home appliances:

Alexa can control smart devices like a thermostat, switches, light etc. you can check smart home compatibility tool to check which are the smart devices Alexa are can control.

Amazon Echo Dot Set Up

  • Plug in your Echo dot with the power supply. The ring on the top of Echo dot will light up in blue color and it will be orange when it is ready to welcome you.
  • Don’t forget to download the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Connect your device with your home’s wifi network.
  • After connection with your Wi-Fi network, your device will automatically be ready to use.
  • If not open the Alexa app on your mobile phone, go to settings and choose the device and add your Echo dot device.

The downside to the Echo Dot

Sometimes the Echo dot users face problems while using the Echo dot-like, problems in setting up, connecting issues, audio quality issues etc. but all these problems can be solved. You can call on the Echo dot customer support number or you can follow these steps.

  • Check if the power supply in your Echo dot is connected is not fluctuating because this will damage your Echo dot device.
  • If the Audio quality of your Echo dot is not good, so check if you have put your Echo dot near some other noisy devices.
  • If you are facing problem in connecting your Echo dot then check if your Wi-Fi network is not causing any problem. If yes then fix that problem.
  • If your Echo dot doesn’t work with your smart home appliances then check those devices and if they are ok, call on the Echo dot helpline number because its a complicated problem. The experts on this number will help you in solve this problem.
24×7 Support

You don’t need to waste your valuable time by waiting for a solution now because you can connect to the skilled techies round the clock. Feel free to contact to Echo Alexa customer care experts 24×7.

Advanced Security Setup

Often people think twice before connecting to the customer care for troubleshooting their flaws because of security purpose. But now stop worrying because experts have advanced security set up for resolving your Echo Alexa snags.

Enhanced Performance

In order to get the enhanced performance of Echo Alexa, you can connect to the executives of Echo Alexa anytime. Where the certified team of experts will improve the performance of your Amazon Echo & Alexa via appropriate way.

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