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Echo tap

Amazon Echo Tap

Echo Tap is a portable Bluetooth smart speaker. It isn’t technically a part of the Echo branch but a version of the portable Alexa speaker. It offers nine hours of music playback which makes it an ideal choice for those who are always on the go or for those who would like to take their speaker to a party or a gathering. The difference between Echo Tap and the other Echo family is that Amazon Tap does not require an outlet to work and it comes with a button which is used to summon Alexa. It gives the customers a rich full –range sound. All they have to do is tap the microphone button or activate the hands free mode and ask to hear music, the news, search for information, order from a restaurant, and more with the Alexa voice service feature. The system requirement for Echo Tap are:

  • Availability of wifi connection.
  • It is suited with Fire OS, Android, and
  • Certain services require subscription fees or other fees.
  • When tethering to a hotspot, specific standard data rates may apply.
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Features of  Echo Tap

The features of Amazon Tap and Echo are not that different from each other. However, you will find specs of variation here and there while you operate Amazon tap. There are certain differences in the functionality and the entire user interface. And these differences are what makes Amazon Tap different from the rest of the Echo family. Let’s take a look at the features of Amazon Tap:

  • Since Amazon Tap is a portable speaker, it has better audio performance as compared to Amazon echo. It has a dual-stereo speaker with Dolby-processing, which provides 360-degree omnidirectional The bass and treble are far better concerning quality in Tap as it is supposed to be speaker above all else.
  • You can also access Alexa in Tap but unlike Echo where you summon Alexa by saying the ‘wake word’, in Tap Alexa is summoned by pushing the microphone button situated on the end of the speaker. But it does not mean that users can access Alexa only through the microphone button. To activated voice search go to settings and select the ‘hands-free’ mode.
  • The skills feature is also present on Echo Tap. By activating this feature, users can order a pizza, book an Uber, check weather reports or the status of your flight etc.
  • Regarding design both the devices share a similar foundation. The Tap is also a black and cylindrical object, however, it is slimmer and shorter than Echo making it more convenient for carrying it around. The Tap comes with a charging cradle so the customers can just place the Tap on top of the cradle and continue listening to music etc.

Issues with  Echo Tap

Just like Amazon Echo, Tap also has its own set of issues that make it very inconvenient for its users. These issues are very different from Echo as there is a difference in their functionality and operation. Some of the issues that Tap users face are:

  • Since Amazon Tap depends upon a working wifi network for Alexa to work, you may not be able to summon or access Alexa once you are out of the house. Although, you can still use it as a speaker to play your tunes.
  • You can’t just activate Alexa at will by using your voice. To ask Alexa to carry out a command, you need to press the microphone button on the speaker then only speak the command.
  • It does not have the speakerphone abilities of Amazon Echo. The Bluetooth connectivity does not support phone calls.
  • It is not waterproof and also it cannot be paired with other devices. And also the battery life isn’t as amazing as it sounds to be. According to the product specs, the battery life of Amazon Tap is only 9 hours.

How to Set Up Echo Tap

If you would like to know how to set up Amazon Tap then follow the setup steps/instructions given below:

  • Download the Alexa App and sign in.
  • Turn on Amazon Tap. Wait for the light to turn blue the orange.
  • Connect the Tap to a Wi-Fi network. If the setup process does not appear automatically then press and hold the Bluetooth button. Then go to the app, open settings and click on ‘set up a new device’.
  • Your Amazon Tap is now set up. And to summon Alexa, press the microphone button and speak your commands.
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