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NordVPN is still relatively new on the market, but this does not detract from the quality of the VPN service. On the contrary, the provider has been growing very, very fast since 2012 and offers comprehensive VPN services.

The company is headquartered in Panama. No data has to be stored here by law, so VPN Nord protects users’ privacy to the highest possible extent. In addition, the VPN service is ideal for bypassing internet censorship and blocking by governments in certain countries. We have done a N0rdVPN test lifting. Below you can read our NordVPN experience, you can also read more here.

NordVPN is the privacy and security expert

NordVPN is the privacy and security expertFirst of all, the provider’s primary goal is to bypass Internet censorship as well as controls of activities on the Internet by governments. Therefore, the VPN service offers all the necessary features to ensure users’ privacy and security.

However, this is not all. There is also a wide selection of over 900 servers around the world. At the same time, the VPN connection proves to be extremely fast. Thus, even data-intensive streaming content can be transferred effortlessly via VPN North, for example, to be able to receive Netflix USA smoothly and without jerks even outside the United States with NordVPN Netflix.

Those who need a static IP address to access specific networks, databases or servers can get their own dedicated IP address. However, this feature costs extra. Dedicated IP addresses are available in Germany, USA, UK and the Netherlands.

Double encryption

While most users will need a standard VPN connection, two VPN connections can be set up in a row for even greater security. This gives you double encryption for additional increased data security. These so-called multi-hop VPN connections include USA-Canada, UK-Dutch and Taiwan-Hong Kong, for example.

Onion over VPN

With this type of connection, VPN Nord tor first encrypts your data on one of its servers and then sends the packet through the TOR network. Thus, your data reaches the Internet through one of the TOR exit nodes. This way, it is absolutely impossible to trace the traffic back to your device.

TV and video streaming is more popular today than ever before. Nord VPN servers are optimized for ultra fast streaming. Streaming HD content is thus a breeze. In addition, content that is subject to geographic blocking can be accessed via the VPN connection. Through the VPN Nord servers, the user can also play online on Xbox or PlayStation at a super fast speed. Logs and NAT firewall our NordVPN experience.

Protecting privacy comprehensively is something that companies and governments sometimes forget. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the VPN provider guarantees the highest security. Fortunately, Nord VPN is among the services that protect your privacy to the maximum and do not store any log files. This zero-log strategy guarantees the user the highest level of data security, as no data is stored on the servers.

In addition, all Nord VPN servers have a NAT firewall. This works simply but efficiently and blocks all unwanted traffic. Thus, the VPN connection allows for maximum protection from hackers who use a wide variety of techniques to play malware on your computer.

Streaming content abroad – not possible without VPN

Watching Netflix is no easy feat – you may have found that out yourself. Depending on where you are, you may not be able to stream Netflix. This is also true for other content. Let me give you a few examples:

Let’s say you’re in Germany at your home, cozy on the sofa. You’ve resolved to watch a good movie – and from Netflix USA. Because Netflix USA offers many more great movies than the German Netflix library. In addition, the series are all much more current and up to date. But without VPN the following happens: You can’t receive Netflix USA and get the error message “Sorry, this content is not available here”.

For other countries outside the USA, the same applies. As soon as you are not in the USA, you cannot stream content from the USA. This phenomenon generally occurs abroad. So, you won’t be able to stream content from the UK or France or even other countries from here. It’s the same the other way around: you can’t receive German channels from abroad either: So, for example, if you are on vacation outside the German borders and have a great desire to watch your favorite German channel, you will get a nasty surprise: Namely, you will be shown an error message here as well. The following applies to all of the above situations: You need a VPN, otherwise you won’t be able to stream the desired content.

Now you’re probably wondering why that is. Let me explain. The fact that you can’t watch all content from every country in every other country without a VPN has legal reasons. For example, a broadcaster holds the rights to a certain format in Germany. So this only applies within the German borders. As soon as you are abroad, these rights no longer apply because the broadcaster has only acquired the rights for Germany. It is the same in the other countries. Therefore, you absolutely need a VPN to be able to unblock and watch this content in each case.

Watch Netflix USA with NordVPN

Watch Netflix USA with NordVPNWhen it comes to streaming US Netflix or other content from abroad, Nord VPN is your first choice among VPN providers. Thus, NordVPN Netflix gives you access to most Netflix libraries, so you can easily watch Netflix in the best streaming quality from anywhere. You simply choose a server in the country you want to stream Netflix from, connect to the server and refresh the Netflix page.

And you’ll have unlimited Netflix enjoyment – not just with Netflix USA. This also works with Netflix UK or Netflix France. Remember to choose an ultra fast TV server for best streaming quality and look at the table on the homepage. Here you can see the compatibility of this VPNS with Netflix, as it changes from time to time.

Bypass censors

Besides lifting geographical blocks, a VPN is furthermore suitable for bypassing censorships. Surely you have experienced it before that you are in a country and cannot access certain pages there. Especially if you are frequently traveling in China, for example.

Besides lifting geographical blocks, a VPN is also suitable for bypassing censors. Surely you have already experienced that you are in a country and cannot access certain pages there. Especially if you are frequently traveling in China, for example.

Then you will certainly have noticed that Facebook does not work there. What is the reason for this? This is due to the censors in China. The Chinese government restricts access to the Internet for its citizens. This means that they cannot access all the sites they want.

For example, you simply can’t look at Facebook in China. Except – again, of course, we already have the solution ready, and you guessed it: with a VPN. As soon as you want to go on Facebook in China, for example, you connect to a server in another country, such as Germany, and you’ll be able to get on Facebook and view your profile and newsfeed.

Security on the Internet

Regardless of the many advantages that Express VPN brings with it in terms of censorship or even geographical blocking – one thing is certain: the focus is on security! This is also the main purpose of any VPN: it protects your data and privacy on the Internet. And it doesn’t matter where you are – whether you are at home in Germany, on a business trip abroad or on vacation outside the German borders.

Why do I hold this view so vehemently, that security is the be-all and end-all and that you should never go online without a VPN? I’ll tell you: There are dangers lurking everywhere on the Internet. And there are more every day.

Even if you think you have nothing to hide or no one can do anything with your data, read the following paragraphs. You will find out relatively quickly that a VPN is also necessary for you. It doesn’t matter how long you are on the net, how often and what exactly you do.

Because dangers are always lurking everywhere – even if you just want to take a quick look at something for a minute.

Protect yourself in the big wide online world!

Even if you’ve already looked around here on the site, you’ll notice: Not only in my Express VPN test, but on my whole site, it’s all about security on the Internet. So that you are always safe online, I would like to show you at this point, from which potential dangers you can protect yourself on the Internet with a Virtual Private Network:

You’re surfing the net, you’re doing research, you’re working, you might be streaming a movie, and suddenly you notice that the connection is getting slow or that you can’t stream smoothly anymore. What happened? It’s possible that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has simply dialed down your bandwidth. This happens a lot: the ISP is watching your browsing behavior and wants to actively prevent you from streaming by capping your bandwidth. Not nice, right? Therefore: never go online without a VPN. This way you make sure that no one external can observe what exactly you are doing.

Protect yourselfYou surf the net again, maybe call up your social media accounts and see what has been happening on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and also on your business accounts Xing and LinkedIn. What happens? Every chance you get, you get an ad somewhere, a banner pops up, etc. It can be quite annoying, can’t it? And where does it come from? You or your surfing behavior has been observed. And on this basis, you are shown targeted advertising – which is ideally tailored to you. With a VPN you can prevent this. Your movements on the Internet are not stored, because Express VPN does not record log files. This means you can browse the web without annoying banner ads popping up at every corner.

And, most importantly, your data can be misused. Imagine that a hacker gets hold of your bank, account or credit card data. For example, if you have entered your credit card details for payment in an online form while shopping online. Or if you have just completed important banking transactions on the Internet via online banking. Be sure to use a VPN here, too! Because only if you do these transactions protected, you can be sure that your data does not fall into strange third hands.

A VPN is NOT a panacea

It is important to know in this context that a virtual private network can indeed protect you from many dangers, such as those mentioned above. But a VPN is not a panacea either. For example, there are definitely things that even an Express VPN won’t help against. For example:

  • Malware on your computer
  • A virus
  • A Trojan

Only a very good antivirus software can help against this. In this respect, a VPN is not a panacea – but for the security of your data when you go online, it is extremely important and necessary.

North VPN test: Summary

Nord VPN is an excellent VPN in terms of security and privacy protection. Moreover, it offers a strict zero-log policy and is compatible with Netflix USA. Moreover, up to 6 devices can be connected to the VPN at the same time. Thus, users can share the cost within their family or among friends.

On top of that, the price of the annual subscription is extremely attractive. Nord VPN test shows that this VPN provider is definitely one of the best VPNs on the market.